Text editing and soft skills training for research scientists
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Dr. Avril Arthur-Goettig
Mob: +49 172 316 90 36


Tel: +49 89 337 696
Roemerstrasse 25
80801 Muenchen

Workshop modules:

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Resources & Links

Books on writing and presentations:

For researchers or trainers wanting to learn more about writing and presentation skills

Useful books

Editing and revision

Professional revision and editing of scientific texts for life scinces and biomedicine:

For high impact journals, research reports, project / grant proposals, posters, seminars, theses, books, business plans, annual reports, milestone reports, brochures, flyers, product profiles, Websites, etc.

Editing and revision of scientific texts


Prices vary depending on the kind of editorial, revision or writing work and the type of workshop.


Soft Skills Workshops

A range of soft skills training tailored to fit the needs of different target groups.

Applied courses are suiable for junior PhD students (e.g. graduate programs).

Advanced workshops for postdocs and group leaders are desingned for hands-on writing, editing and presentation.

Soft skills workshops and training

Dr. Arthur-Goettig's profile

Scientific CV and brief outline of the career path of the workshop trainer and freelance scientific writer and editor.


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